Bulldog Pride  LbNA # 59443

Placed DateSep 5 2011
LocationDennis Dreyer Community Track and Nature Trail, Marion, TX
Found By (hidden)
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Marion ISD was established in 1878 in the town of Marion, which was set up as a railroad camp. In the mid 1880's German Settlers moved to this area and the town began to grow.

Bulldog Pride was placed to celebrate Marion ISD, my husband and my alma mater. We were both Bulldogs and now our boys are as well. This is also my oldest son's first year of football at Marion Middle School so I wanted to honor that with this, our first placed letterbox.

To the Box:

From 465 in Marion, take W. Otto St. behind Schultz Nursery and in front of the schools. At the stop sign go straight. You will see a road to your left between some portable buildings. (Krueger Elementary will be to your right). Turn left on this road.

You will see a small pavilion with a bench. Park here in front of tennis courts.

This is the start of the Dennis Dreyer Community Track and Nature Trail. A map shows the entire trail. For reference, the letterbox will be near the area marked "J".

Walk through the gates and take an immediate right onto the trail. The trail will lead past the tennis courts and the baseball diamond where my boys play ball.

Keep walking straight on this trail. You will see a windmill and pond. Go straight past this and you will see a "T" in the trail. There will be a large hill to your right. Go to your left over a mini hill. The football field can be seen to your left.

Shortly after the mini hill, the trail "T"s again. This time go to the right. Shortly after turning, look to the right just off the trail, you will see a stump that has a hole just below a group of trees. Behind this stump and between some concrete rocks is the letterbox.

When replacing be sure to cover it up with bark and weeds and place rocks back as found. Be sure rock is placed behind the box so it is not visible from other side of trail.

Be careful for Mesquite thorns, yellow jackets, snakes, and other critters.

In the box is a green stamp pad. Feel free to use it if you wish, but make sure it is closed before replacing it. Please stamp your signature stamp in the log. Enjoy and Have fun Letterboxing!!

Please email me the condition of this box or if you need help finding it: tamlindley@yahoo.com