Baqash was in OR  LbNA # 59464

Placed DateAug 13 2011
Location44.23152, -119.02844, Seneca, OR
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The Swick Interpretive Trail is 17 miles south of John Day and 7 miles north of Seneca on Highway 395. Turn off is directly across from the Izee Highway. Walk is wheel chair accessible, box is not.

Behind the Pilcated Woodpecker is a fallen one hoary with age. Follow this one to the right until it meets another. Follow again to the right until two seems to lie as one. Find the triangle at the point from which the third has fallen. I am nestled here behind shelter and in my invisibility cloak. Please return me to this condition after you have stamped in.

Continue along the trail a short distance to the bench where we sat and watched the sun come up, have a short rest enjoying the beauty of this place before going on.

1 mile loop