Nancy Drew Mysteries: Vol. 2  LbNA # 59472

OwnerWi Biker Chick    
Placed DateSep 8 2011
LocationHawthorne Glen Nature Park, Milwaukee, WI
Found By Anne Duffy
Last Found Jul 9 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015

Because I loved reading Nancy Drew Mysteries when I was a kid and have gotten great response from the first letterbox Nancy Drew series I did, I thought I'd plant another one in beautiful Hawthorne Glen, located just off State Street on 60th, where Milwaukee and Wauwatosa meet.

6/1/15: UPDATE: all boxes are back!

Box 1: #22 The Clue in the Crumbling Wall
Start by parking in the lot and heading toward the cute building, the Martin Schreiber Nature Center. Walk to the building and head south down the asphalt path at the edge of the building. You'll pass a bunch of plant and tree markers on your right. Keep walking south. The asphalt trail will automatically curve left and head east. Before you turn left though, you'll see a mulchy path that goes to the southwest up a hill. Take this mulchy path. Just as you start up the hill, you'll see a sign, "Glacier Gifts." You'll also see a small retaining wall. Walk to the east end of the wall. Count three concrete paving blocks in from the east end. Under the third block tucked inside is the Clue in the Crumbling Wall. When you're finished stamping, head back out to the mulchy path and go uphill.

Box 2: #62 The Secret in the Spooky Woods
You'll come to a little clearing. Go to the left. There's a sign that says, "Falling Leaves." Immediately there is a fork. Take the right fork, which is the lower, less steep trail. You'll come to a fork. If you have time, take the right fork, that will take you very high into the hills, offering a beautiful view of the park. You won't find the Spooky Woods this way though. So at the fork, take the left fork instead to get to the box. On the right side you'll pass a sign, "People of the Past." Keep walking east. The path will start to go uphill to your left automatically. It's a steep hill, so be careful! As the trail is about to curve and go up, you'll see a very large oak tree about 40 degrees in on the east side of the trail. The tree looks like it's been struck by lightning at some point because some branches are sheared off and burned near the top. Walk in about 10 steps toward the large oak, and under some broken branches and bark, you'll find the Spooky Woods. When you're done stamping, go back to the mulchy trail and head up the steep hill.

Box 3: #15 The Haunted Bridge
The trail will fork. Take the left fork heading back deeper into the woods. You'll come to another fork, and to the right, you'll see the sign, "Leaves of three, let it be" about poison ivy. Turn right and you'll be following a split rail fence made of thin logs and bark. The path will fork again. Take the left fork. The trail becomes more dirt here. On the right is a sign, "Foreign Imports." From that sign, walk down the trail 37 steps. Look east and you'll see a chain link fence running parallel to the path you're on. Along the fenceline, you'll see a multi-trunked tree. Go to the base of this tree for the Haunted Bridge. When you're done stamping, go back to the dirt path and head north.

Box 4: #33 The Witch Tree Symbol
On the trail you'll come to another sign, "Eroding Earth." Just keep going north. On your left, is a sign, "Our Feathered Friends." You'll come to another sign, "Food in the Forest." Keep going north, and you'll be following a chain link fence on the right, and you'll see a large water tower, and ahead, the north entrance for the park. To your left you'll see a break in the fence at the top of some gravel stairs. Walk down the stairs. Notice the beautiful view from up here before you descend! Be careful, some of these steps are really steep. At the bottom of the hill is a sign about the old gravel pit. Turn left here and follow the trail south into the woods. Don't turn right or you'll go past the hill and toward the parking lot. Keep walking, and eventually you'll come to the sign "Nature's Remodeling Crew." Shortly after, you'll come to a fork. Take the left fork. Walk further down, and you'll come to a brown bench on your left. From the bench, walk 17 steps down the trail and stop. Turn to the right (west). At about a 303 degree bearing, walk 31 steps into the woods towards a tree with a large hollowed out opening that faces you. The Witch Tree Symbol is under a flat rock at the base of this tree. When you're done stamping, go back out to the trail by the brown bench and head south. Follow the asphalt trail west, then it will curve north. You'll see the plant markers on your left. These are the ones you saw originally when you came in. You'll see the Nature Center up ahead of you. You should be able to find your car from here.

Status reports welcome!