A Cache Today, from Yesterday  LbNA # 59474

Placed DateSep 9 2011
LocationFranklin Township, Franklinville, NJ
Found By Beau Geste
Last Found Nov 10 2012
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A Cache Today, from Yesterday
A letterbox tour of Franklin Township

Located in Gloucester County New Jersey, this series of four letterbox style caches will lead you on a journey to some local sites of historical significance within our township.

This letterbox tour was created for the Franklin Township Historical Society and is part of a project developed to achieve an independent Girl Scout Silver Award.
(The highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn).

Along with the GPS coordinates, you will find a location clue that should add to your continued interest and fun while proceeding to each of the sites.

Each letterbox will contain a stamp and ink pad to utilize with your own booklet. Or you could simply jot down your cache name in the enclosed notepad. You will also find
self-addressed note cards should you like to send along your comments or suggestions for the continued maintenance and enjoyment of the tour.

Each of the sites is available to the public, however, many individuals not related to this project have a private interest in keeping each location safe, clean and respected. Please help us maintain this goal by being a “considerate cacher” by leaving each site better than
you may have found it. Consider, cache in, trash out!

Thank You and we hope you enjoy the tour!

GPS coordinates and history clue:

N39°37.628’ / W075°00.306’

The 22nd USCT traveled from Virginia to fight in a war to secure civil rights for all. They displayed “excellent discipline and good soldierly qualities” and were honored by leading President Lincoln’s funeral procession through the streets of Washington DC. Today, a small group of these soldiers reside in a cemetery at the end of Sheridan Avenue @ Rt. 555 and are cared for by the community they fought for in a time, long forgotten.

Linked boxes to this tour:
N39°34.420 / W075°02.836'
N39°35.385' / W075°05.100'
N39°37.021' / W075°04.712' (Business hours apply)