Come sail away!  LbNA # 59476 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 31 2011
Location???, Danville, IL
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Come sail away!

Vermilion County is where I am but to find me you much solve this mystery.

To solve this puzzle you will need to find the header letter and then count over the number of letters to find the correct letter!!

A: Sailing Sailing over the bounding main
B: For many a stormy wind shall blow
C: E'er Jack comes home again

D: Oh Sailing Sailing over the bounding main
E: For many a stormy wind shall blow
F: E'er Jack comes home again.

E22:____ C5:____ F7:____ A17:____
D18:____ F1:____ B3:____ D32:____ B16:____ D6:____ A3:____ C9:____ E6:____
B24:____ E11:____ F17:____ B10:____
A22:____ D1:____ F6:____ C7:____ E19:____

Once you have found the location of the hunt, you will want to drive there and park near the large tree in the parking lot. You will then need to go to lower ground for the 1st box so take the north set of stairs. Down, down, down you go.

Box # 1 I am hidden near water however to find me there is no need to get wet. You had to park at the top because I am in a no parking zone. From the last stair turn left and walk along the bottom on the hill until you get to the no parking zone (a log retaining wall.) Once you get to the logs make another left. I am hidden in the hollowed out end of the 3rd log from the bottom on the south side. You will need to reach in and to the right you will find me. (This is a busy place sometimes with muggles! There also is sometimes a muggle in the boat house so you should keep an eye out.)

Box # 2 Since you have found my spot there are a few other things I need to succeed. To find the next box you need to turn back and go the way you came. But, keep walking past the stairs and up, up, up the hill. Will you make it? I do believe! Once you get about half way up the stairs you will see a picnic area, walk to the grill. Once you are at the grill look to your left and you will see a fallen tree laying on the ground. Walk over to the tree and in the end nearest the closest stairs you will find what I need to make my trip fine.

Box # 3 Head up the stairs that are right across, you can either walk or get into your car which ever you prefer. After you decide you will want to head all the way to the very north side of the park. (The road going past the road you would take to get down to the boat docks.) Head down the road until you get to the parking lot. North of the restrooms are two trees. In between these two trees is an opening that leads to steps. Take the steps, just about 15 are all you need and to you left is a landing. On the built up park of the landing is where you will find what to seek. On your right (if you are facing the landing) about a 1/3 of the way back is the box. It is under foliage and dead leafs. You have found that I need for a good day at sea. I also hope it is what you had in finding my boxes! Thanks for the hunt I hope you enjoyed!
You will need your own ink and pen. Good colors to take would be blue and either a yellow or orange. But any colors will do. Also, there is only one log book and it’s found in the final box.
Please make sure you hide the boxes well. This is a very traveled area and we wouldn’t want the boxes to go missing! Thanks and happy boxing!!! :)

*This is our first hide. Please let us know what you thought and happy hunting!*