Twilight Anala  LbNA # 59507

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateSep 12 2011
LocationColumbia St Marys Ozaukee hospital nature trail, Mequon, WI
Found By Sea Buddha and Me
Last Found May 6 2016
Hike Distance?

Every life has a meaning and a purpose. This letterbox is for my daughter Twilight Anala. I found out midway through my pregnancy that one of the twins I was carrying was no longer viable. After months of bedrest and prayers that our living child would survive,on 5/26/2000 we delivered a healthy son and his twin sister Twilight Anala. It was bitter sweet welcoming one baby into the world and saying goodbye to the other, on the same day. I chose to hide this letter box near her birthplace. The view from my hospital window that day was of the place this box is now resting.
You will start your journey at Columbia St Marys Ozaukee hospital in Mequon. Look for the farthest northern enterance, and take this drive in. At the stop sign you will take a right. The drive goes around the side of the building. Look for N1 lot. A blue circle is around the P.It is labeled Seton tenants. Park in this lot and look for the first lamp post facing the swamp. At the lamp post is a gravel pathway leading down away from the lot into the swamp and prarie. The pathway has towering cat tails and many native plants to our state.
Continue following this trail, you will walk over two wooden bridges. There will be a archway with two benches in the middle of the pathway ahead. Take a break if needed, or continue ahead. On the right you'll notice a cluster of very crooked, snarly trees. The pathawy will take a sharp right and straighten out again. Where this pathway turns there is a apple tree to the left. Look in the "arms" of this tree. Will be on the backside facing away from the path. Its holding Twilight tightly. Stamp up and rehide well. Status updates are appreciated. Because this is a memorial letterbox I ask that you write a small memory down of a loved one you are missing. Thank you!!