Pirate's Bounty  LbNA # 59513

Placed DateSep 12 2011
CountyPrince William
LocationHellwig Park, Manassas, VA
Found By Wille 5
Last Found Aug 12 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 9 2015

Box 1 (Treasure Tree Cove):
Park by the tennis courts. From this parking lot, there is a small paved walking path that goes into the woods as part of an exercise/fitness path. Quickly after entering the woods, the path comes to a T. Go left.

Walk past two workout stations and cross over a footbridge. The trail curves like an S. Continue on over a second footbridge.

After ~23 paces, you will come to a hollow tree stump on your left, about 4 feet off the trail. The opening faces the trail and is covered with several logs. Be careful where you stick your hand, unless you want a hook...

PS, if you pass exercise station 6/7, you've gone too far.

Box 2 (Smuggler's Den):
Continue down the path in the same direction. You will pass over two more footbridges about 20 feet apart. Keep walking until the trail breaks out of the forest into a small clearing replete with pirate-like power lines. The path continues to the right but there is also an offshoot to the left. Take the left path.

After about 20 feet, you should see a brick building to the left. That is the back of the library. Go another ~20 feet and there is a small clearing right off the path (could hold about 8 large chests of booty). Enter the clearing, turn right about 45 degrees and you should notice a fallen tree about 20 feet away; its stump is still in the ground. Behind this tree is a pile of small logs and sticks. Ummm...you aren't still reading this, are you? Have at it, matey!