whispering Giant #13  LbNA # 59545

Placed DateJul 2 2011
Location???, AR
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Peter Wolf Toth (born December 1947) is a Hungarian-born sculptor, who immigrated to the United States and settled in Akron, Ohio. He later studied art at the University of Akron. He created a series of sculptures called Trail of the Whispering Giants to honor Native Americans. Overall, he has created more than 60 sculptures, including at least one in each state of the United States, and in several provinces of Canada.

The parking lot closest to this giant costs to park, but there is free parking in the area.

Find this giant. He is well protected in a stone pavillion with informative plaques surrounding him. Around him is a beautiful park, with a playground for kids, including a real rock wall that they can climb and play on. There is also a walking path, between the rock wall and the river. Follow this path, passing two benches set next to each other. A little past the benches, take the right hand path which leads down to a grassy area on the bluff above the water. Walk out to the end of the grassy area, past 2 cypress trees, to where you can look at the pedestrian bridge that crosses the river. To your right, a little hidden by foliage, is a small manmade creek that flows over some rocks into the river. If you look down you should notice a partially buried, light coloured rectangular block, next to two rocks. Under the darker coloured rock, in a small hidey hole is the giant you seek.

This is a very popular area, so look around carefully, especially up at the bridge, before retrieving the box. Please rehide as well, or better than you found it.