Tow Troll Goes to Fairyland!  LbNA # 59547

OwnerWolf Dancer    
Placed DateSep 11 2011
LocationPriest Lake, ???, ID
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Materials Needed: Stamp Pad

Level: Easy

Tow Troll has two bestest friends that are not four legged. One day her two fairy friends KK and KJ called upon her and said…

“Troll, load up the hounds and go to Fairyland with us today,” and thus a new place was discovered for the Tow Troll to know and to come to love.

What a beautiful place filled with trees, green and cool mountain water. Oh! And the mushrooms! Fairy KK said Troll is good at foraging for mushrooms. Boletus or Chanterelles, Morels and Coral mushrooms. So as our hounds ran and played…SQUIRRL!... Troll enjoyed her day with her bestest Fairy friends KK and KJ.

So, on this day KJ and her varmit wanted to get out and enjoy a beautiful summer day… “Troll get your Keeper and I’ll sprinkle fairy dust on you and we’ll fly on the bikes to Fairyland…”

Head northeast to a holy body of water in Bonner County, ID. On the east shore is Indian Creek Campground…Fairyland!

The day fee of 5 squirrel tails is worth it ($5.00) pay your fee and head off down the main road to the day use area. Find a place to near the nature trail. Right now, it says “Closed” due to bad wind storm and down trees but you can still get to the treasure. Down the trail towards the creek, make sure you take sometime and play in the water… just before the trail goes to the right…past the number 2 nature marker you’ll come upon a bridge… or a Troll Motel… over the bridge you’ll find a Troll Menu…mmm….Red Squirrel…look to 12 o’clock, treasure time….is a wonderful tree for hiding. To the right, around to the back, at the base in the hidey hole you’ll find what you seek. Please rehide well so treasure cannot be found by the muggles which also frequent the area.

Now go and enjoy Fairyland, run and play with your hounds or bestest friends!!!

As with all Tow Troll and Troll Keeper letterboxes, first to find gets a gold coin.

Yours on the trail,

Troll Keeper