Whispering Giant #12  LbNA # 59567

Placed DateJul 22 2011
Location???, LA
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 9 2011
Hike Distance?

Peter Wolf Toth (born December 1947) is a Hungarian-born sculptor, who immigrated to the United States and settled in Akron, Ohio. He later studied art at the University of Akron. He created a series of sculptures called Trail of the Whispering Giants to honor Native Americans. Overall, he has created more than 60 sculptures, including at least one in each state of the United States, and in several provinces of Canada.

WG #12 has fallen prey to termites, and Toth returned to repair his work. Damage included a large chunk that was missing from the top of the Giant's head. Toth removed the damaged portion of the head and replaced it with a feathered headpiece carved from wood.
"Not too many artists have a second chance of correcting their mistakes, " he said. "Once the statue is complete, the mouth will be open instead of closed, as it if it were whispering."

He finished the repairs in two weeks. Toth hopes the repaired statue, reinforced with steel, will last for at least 100 years, with continued maintenance.

Be aware that the gates here close around 6:00.

THE NEW (This box has been moved to a slightly different location as of 10/16/11. These clues reflect this change)

Find this giant. Go up the road approximately 150 yards to where picnic shelter #1 is. Across the road from the shelter are three Cypress trees arranged in a large triangle. Go to the one farthest from the road. Hidden deep inside the base of the tree under some bark, is the Giant as it is now.

Continue up the road to Shelter #2. Beyond it is a white bridge. Cross the bridge, stopping at the far end. (Be careful when you step off the bridge, there are holes in the ground hidden by grass here.) Looking ahead of you, you should see a large vine covered stump. Beyond it, you should see another, smaller rotting stump and an oak tree. (The oak tree is roughly 114 steps from the bridge.) Hidden in a hole at the base of the tree, covered with sticks and debris, is the Giant as it was.

Please be stealthy, and rehide boxes as well, or better than you found them.