Campgaw Series  LbNA # 596

Placed DateApr 29 2001
LocationMahwah, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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Campgaw Letterbox Series (2)
Campgaw Mountain Reservation
Placed 04/29/01, Refreshed 07/04/05
Mahwah, NJ, Bergen County

Campgaw is the Ramapo Indian word for "Goose." Campgaw Mountain Reservation is located in Mahwah, New Jersey. Mahwah means, "open fields" in the Ramapo Indian language.

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Fairly Easy
Time: 1 plus hour

There are four things to keep in mind before setting out for this letterbox.
Don't go looking after a heavy rain.
Don't go during ski season.
A disk golf course has been set up in the park. You may need to exercise some patience if disk golfers are around the CAMPGAW letterbox.
Bears have been seen in this park.

GARGOYLE Letterbox planted 04/27/03
Rehidden 07/04/05

Find start of blue trail on right of road. Take trail up hill. Pass red trail and then green trail. Stay on blue trail. At top blue and red trails merge for approximately 10 yards. When you come to the tree indicating that the trail splits, two red blazes indicating a red trail left turn & one blue blaze indicating to go straight: STOP. From that tree go 20 paces at 280 degrees to a boulder, behind boulder; under a rock is what you seek.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

CAMPGAW Letterbox planted 04/29/01
Checked 07/15/2008

Go back and pick up blue trail going the way you didn’t come. When yellow trails merges with blue trail take the merged blue/yellow trail. At the top of the ski slope (Didn't the rock group Genesis have a song about a guy made of snow?) stop and enjoy the view. You'll see a pole marking the end of the blue trail and indicating to take a left for the yellow trail. Take the yellow trail. On the right of the path a short ways down you'll see a disk golf course hole. If you start going down the red trail, you've gone too far. From the hole go 12 paces at 60 degrees. At this point you'll see a big log. A small log lies across the big log. Underneath where the small log lies across the big log, underneath a couple rocks, is what you're searching for.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

Go back and pick up yellow trail going the way you didn't come. When you come to the red trail on the right side of the trail take it. Continue following red trail. When you come to the parking lot cross it heading to the southeast corner. You'll see a sign that says "Service road, do not enter". Southeast of that sign is a sewer. Go to the sewer and take unblazed trail down towards lake. At lake take a left and pick up orange trail around the lake. Orange trail takes you back to your starting point.