STL Historic Site: Thomas Sappington House  LbNA # 59628

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Placed DateSep 23 2011
CountySt. Louis
Location1015 S Sappington Rd, Crestwood, MO
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STL Historic Site: Thomas Sappington House

St. Louis and its surrounding counties are fortunate to have many unique historical places. Placing a letterbox at Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site opened a window to work with other historic locations interested in obtaining a letterbox. The individuals involved are passionate about their efforts and have welcomed letterboxing as a unique opportunity to promote these priceless landmarks. The St. Louis Historic Site series was launched with the hope that with each additional letterbox added, awareness is gained toward the many treasures in our own backyards.

The History of the Sappington House
The Thomas Sappington House Museum is the historic jewel of the City of Crestwood. The home remains on its original site, and is an outstanding example of Federal architecture (1780-1830), which was popular in the eastern United States. This architectural style is extremely rare in Missouri. Thomas Sappington built this exquisite home in 1808 for his bride, Mary Ann Kinkead. The home was erected with bricks made on site and wooden pegs were used to secure the homeís frame using the help of slave laborers. The 18th century Adams fireplace, with its double columns and oval medallion, is the focal point of the living room. All the rooms are furnished with authentic early American antiques dating before 1835 with magnificent mill work. Thomas came to St. Louis from Kentucky and it is believed that he had the plans for his home in his possession. The complex also features The Library of Americana which contains an extensive collections of books detailing Missouri and American History, art and antiques. The library is a research library where reading and browsing are encouraged.

The complex is open for guests Wed. Thurs. and Friday from 11am til 2pm from February thru December. Tours are available for a fee, but it is not necessary to take the tour to acquire the box.

For additional information and special events check out their website for details.

This box may be retrieved after hours, but the resident facilities manager requests not to enter the complex after dusk.

A historical house for you to view and ponder advancements made
A short jaunt to the box and you shall see many things farewell man bade

Enter through the picketís gate, near the north end of Thomasí house
Keep watch for the old ball and chain and I donít mean his spouse

The period flowers and herbs surround the time piece on the right
Its demises derived from daylight savings, and not working well at night

Continue along the concrete path, to the warning to watch your step
Then travel the way of the wishing well where water once was kept

From here you need to look to the item with the greatest change of all
A modern version stands across from the old, once a luxury wall to wall

A deluxe one at that with crowd control, for the families with many a child
For our featured building has sitting for two, no more fighting and being exiled

From this magnificent structure the families throne, a castle to occupy
Take a peek around the corner and spy a mini version hung chest high

Open the lid and inside youíll find a tribute to Thomasís other abode
Just donít forget the other place where he and his guests once strode

Please hang box the way found, and save time to check out the property and its buildings.