Light and Shadow  LbNA # 59636

OwnerThe Proud Puma    
Placed DateSep 25 2011
LocationGalveston, TX
Found By mo-grace
Last Found May 28 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 4 2015

Light and Shadow

Galveston Island is well known for its beautiful beaches, but few non-islanders know about the various wetland areas there that are natural habitats for spectacular birds and other wildlife. My daughter made a video of several island habitats, and dedicated the video to the composer of the music she used in the video. Viewing the video at the link below, you will be able to see many birds in action at the site of this letterbox! The box was placed during a drought, so the area was dry and overgrown with vegetation at the time, but is wet and wonderful most of the year. If you like to watch wildlife, they are most active here in the early morning and late evening. Enjoy!

If coming into Galveston from the mainland, go south on I-45. When crossing over Galveston Bay on the causeway bridge, take the first exit and turn Left onto Harborside Drive. Stay on Harborside, and turn right onto 77th street at a lighted intersection. Go over 4 railroad tracks. You can park on the left (East) side of the street in a dirt/grass lot beside fenced areas.
If you are in Galveston, head toward the causeway on Broadway, and take first exit after 61st. Turn right onto 77th Street by the auto dealership. You can park on the right (East) side of the street in a dirt/grass lot beside fenced areas.
The camo box is behind a yellow "Pipeline" post across the street from the fenced property about 1-2 feet from the pavement. Watch out for ants and prickly natural vegetation!
This is a hybrid box with both a Letterbox bag and a Geocache bag in it. Please leave the items in the Geocache bag. Thanks :)

Update 1/2012: the site has been heavily bushwacked, but the letterbox is still in same place.

Update 10/2012: the letterbox stamp is missing. Until I make a replacement stamp, I can send you a virtual stamp of the original image.

Update 5/2013: Put in a newly carved stamp, same figure but a little larger.