Dead Man's Hand  LbNA # 59640

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateSep 8 2011
LocationDeadwood, SD
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 26 2013
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedMay 14 2016

Last checked/found: 8-SEP-11

Time: ~30 minutes

Note: Some research required before searching for this box.

Howdy pardner! So you’re here in Deadwood, huh? Probably doin’ a bit of gamblin’; searchin’ for some gold just like those miners long ago? And bendin’ an elbow at the saloons? Well do ya know the story of Wild Bill Hickok? Hopefully you won’t be holdin’ that “Dead Man’s Hand” at the ol’ poker table today. Whether the hand in question is cursed and a foreboding of death remains unknown, just like the actual cards of the hand.

Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead from behind on August 2, 1876, in Saloon No. 10. According to the popular version, Hickok's final hand included four cards of the black suits. There are various claims regarding the identity of Hickok's fifth card, suggestions are that he had discarded one card and/or that the draw was curtailed by the shooting and Hickok therefore never received his fifth card.

On that fateful day, Wild Bill joined a poker game, reluctantly seating himself with his back to the door and the bar - a fatal mistake. Jack McCall, drinking heavily at the bar, saw Hickok enter the saloon, taking a seat at his regular table in the corner near the door.

McCall slowly walked around to the corner of the saloon where Hickok was playing his game. From under his coat, McCall pulled a double-action .45 pistol, shouted "Take that!” and shot Wild Bill Hickok in the back of the head, killing him instantly. Hickok had been holding two specific pairs, which has ever since been known as the "dead man's hand." Add the numbers of the 4 known cards in the Dead Man’s Hand and then add 8. This is your “unlucky number”

If you’d like to see an image of that hand, you’d best ride shank's mare to the old railroad depot on Sherman Street to find the Mickelson Trail. Skedaddle across the bridge and then pass the MM109. You’ll see the light at MT+ your unlucky number. Take a hairpin turn to take the high road. Don’t be a coffee boiler! Get a wiggle on up the incline, passing a stone wall on your left. The jig is up at the next utility pole after the wall. The fateful hand is hidden under a rock next to the pole on the right. Be sure to put it back and cover it well before you skedaddle!

Don’t pass the buck – let us know how that ol’ hand is doin’ by shootin’ me an email since we live far from these parts!