15 - Love  LbNA # 59644

Placed DateSep 26 2011
LocationJunny Rios Martinez Park, Cocoa, FL
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Junny Rios Martinez park is located off Hwy 524 in Cocoa Florida at the intersection of Hwy 524 and Westminster drive. Park by the tennis and basketball courts - not the playground.

1. For the best, you don’t need a map, but for a rest, find a brown lap.
2. For the prize, find a black hole, I tell no lies, you may run on your soles.
3. Count 45 squares, you wont find a hive, or any bears, remember 45!
4. Find Walk the Park, behind the base, WOW! What a lark! You have solved the case

Letterbox clues and stamp were made by my 10 year old daughter. If you have any suggestions or constructive feedback please let us know how we did.
JoSpeech & Erica