Speak of the Devil  LbNA # 59667

Placed DateSep 16 2011
LocationHill City, SD
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jun 26 2015
Hike Distance?

Take the Little Devils Tower Trailhead Trail, also known as Trail 4, near Sylvan Lake. This trail in the northwest corner of Custer State Park begins near the Sylvan Lake Day Use Area off SD Highway 87. It has its own parking lot. (See note below.)

Follow the signs for Trail 4. Our letterbox is near the beginning of this trail. Go past the rising spire of rock next to trail on the left. Cross 2 stone bridges (really just large stepping stones) up to the right and around a wall of massive rock boulders along the left.

Immediately on the right are 2 rocks stacked on top of each other. Face these rocks. You will find the letterbox behind the bottom back left corner, under small stones and debris.

If you go past 2 pairs of peaked boulders and a “stay on trail” sign, you’ve gone too far.

We encourage you to hike the remaining trail if you are capable! The trail follows the blue-blazed trail #4 and offers a spectacular view from the summit of the black hills including Cathedral Spires, Harney Peak and entire southern hills. You can follow Trail 4 to the start of the Little Devil’s Tower Spur Trail, and then return the way you came; or follow Trail 4 to Trail 9 to Harney’s Peak and return on Trail 9 via Sylvan Lake.

NOTE: We received a comment from 1 boxer that "We tried to get this box while on a short vacation to this region. This box is a seasonal box. The area is closed around mid October until they open the road back up sometime in late spring. Thankfully there were signs far enough out saying the road was closed so we didn't waste a lot of time." We called the park to confirm this comment. The trails, including Trail #4, ARE open all year long, but Needles Highway Road may be closed during the winter, and in that case, you would have to park in the Day Use Area by the Lake and walk over to Trail 4.

Another comments from a finder 2015:When parking make sure you go to the trailhead and follow the trail to the right and not to the left as we first did. When we parked we saw a small sign pointing to the left and did not look further. Our bad. Thanks for the plant. Loved the area. Box and logbook are fine.