Six Months  LbNA # 59681

Placed DateSep 28 2011
CountyEl Paso
LocationUte Valley Park (off Garden of the Gods Road), Colorado Springs, CO
Found By Magical Huntress
Last Found Jun 22 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 11 2015

-First off, be sure to bring your own ink!
-Heading South on I-25, take exit 146 (Garden of the Gods Rd)
-When you get to the light, take a right
-Then take your very first right on to Rusina Rd. (you’ll be heading north)
-Then take a left on Popes Valley Drive and drive for about 1.3 miles
-There will be a sign on your right in between two houses that says “Ute Valley Park” that leads to a trail
-When you get to the trailhead, you’ll have the option of going either north or west. Take the trail heading North which is straight ahead
-The trail will once again split at a sign labeled “Living with Urban Wildlife,” one way heading west and the other heading east. Take the trail heading east which then curves around to the left up a hill. Be sure to heed the “Private Property No Trespassing” sign
-Towards the top of the hill, the trail will split again at an old short dead tree. Take the trail that curves to the left. You’ll know you’ve taken the right trail if you are heading uphill and west
-Once you’ve begun heading west, you’ll notice a tall pine tree on your right that is right next to the trail. Walk 50 paces and there should be a clearing on your left
-In about the middle of this clearing is a large brown rock, that if looked at from directly above, is shaped in a triangle. The pointy end of this rock should be pointing away from the trail and directly at the letterbox
-As you walk beyond the clearing towards the letterbox, you’ll notice various large boulders covered in light green moss. At the base of the large rock next to the small pine tree, start moving smaller rocks around and you should find what you’re looking for! Keep in mind that the brown rock in the clearing should be pointing directly at the letterbox. It's there, I promise!
-If you find the letterbox but notice that the rock in the clearing is not pointed at the letterbox, please reposition it. Also, be sure to cover up the box nicely with the rocks when you’re done so that it doesn’t get disturbed! Happy hunting!