Shenandoah Park Webbox  LbNA # 59730

Placed DateOct 3 2011
LocationShenandoah National Park, Big Meadows, VA
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Mar 30 2016
Hike Distance?

Walking distance: probably about 1/8 mile one way
Trail difficulty: easy, a flat grassy path

The answers to the questions in the clues for this webbox are located in Shenandoah National Park in northwestern Virginia. Letterboxes are not allowed to be physically placed in national parks. So, I have created this webbox. You must actually visit the area of the clues; however, you need to go to the Web to obtain your finders stamp and sign the log book.

Enter Shenandoah National Park. Go to the Big Meadows area of the park. From the Visitor Center look across to Skyline Drive and you will see a very large brown wooden sign on the southeast side of the highway held up by a large fieldstone column and saying in very big letters “Big Meadows” and in smaller letters “Skyline Drive. Visitor Center Food”. You can either park by the visitor center and walk over to the sign or park in the gravel area along the highway on the east side of the sign.

From the gravel area along the highway on the east side of the sign look for a wide mowed trail or road going off to the southeast across the meadow. This path goes to the historic Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp. In the distance you should see an interpretive sign for the CCC camp. At the time of researching and writing these clues there was no signage directing visitors to the camp. If you have trouble locating the camp, ask the staff at the Visitor Center for directions. Walk on the path to the historic CCC camp and go to the first interpretive sign you see along the edge of the historic camp site. It is fairly large, metal, tilted, and titled in red “A Home Away From Home”. In the first paragraph on the left (starts with the words “If you study the landscape”), in the fifth line, what is the sixth word (the number 1933 is one word) ____?

Now, wander around the site of the camp and look for a smaller interpretive sign behind a tree titled in red “Technical”. In the one paragraph, in the third line, what is the last word ____?

To create the mystery word, put the word from the second question on the end of the word from the first question (without spaces). Paste the mystery word (all letters lower case) into this URL (replacing the question marks “???” with the mystery word):

Now, plug/paste/type the new URL into your web browser and you will have completed your search for the Shenandoah Park Webbox.

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