Grayt Kids Letterbox  LbNA # 59755

Placed DateNov 5 2010
LocationBelle Isle State Park, Lancaster, VA
Found By CTEagleEye
Last Found Jul 6 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

GRAYT KIDS Letterbox
Beware: This letterbox may have you tumbling through brambles and tromping through mud. Most of the trail is stroller friendly; however you do have to veer off the trail to find the boxes.
Belle Isle State Park
# 1 Begin on the Watch House Trail and journey to the Bat House. Journey past the Bat House 19 paces. Look for a grove of 6 trees startled and surrounded by snakes. Find the snake’s source and locate Box #1 at the X between two trees. Here is a representation of our eldest child Carleigh when she was 14 years old. Continue up Watch House Trail QUIETLY. The water fowl up here is not foul at all! After checking out the Rappahannock River, turn around and head back to the Bat House.
#2 From the Bat House head NW on the Neck Fields Trail. When you spy the bench, take a seat. Look in front of you for a soldier supported by his crew. Find the base of the fallen soldier to find your treasure. Here you will find a representation of our eldest son Ashton when he was 12 years old.
#3 Continue on down the trail past a second Bat House. Watch for scat, because this is where we found some. Stop at the point where the side trail joins back up. Go 30 paces on and leave the trail to head into the forest on the right. Travel between two pine trees and head into the hanging gardens. Search for 2 pines that have lots of vines. Here you will find a representation of our middle child Keaghan when she was 10 years old.
#4 Get back on the trail and hike on. As you enter the woods (no longer surrounded by fields), on your left cross over the pigs wallowing. Head to where you would think it would hide in a well between two trees, but it is not there. The evidence of woodpeckers and termites is nearby on a lonely pine. Do you see the holy trees? That is where the representation of our youngest son Cole is. At 8 years old he is such a bear.
#5 You thought you were done, but our family is not complete. Go ahead and turn back, unless you want to visit Brewer’s Point, and head to the closest Bat House. At the bat house, cross over the soil where the farmers toil precisely in a line. At the base of the mulberry bush you will find the representation of our youngest daughter Melonee at age 6.