Constellations: Andromeda  LbNA # 59798

OwnerMO UR4Me    
Placed DateOct 11 2011
CountySt. Charles
LocationBrommelsiek Park, Wentzville, MO
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Last EditedDec 12 2015

Constellations: Andromeda

These letterboxes (all listed on Atlas Quest) were originally created for an event in Augusta in 2011 and have been relocated to this park where public star gazing sessions are frequently offered.

In order, they are:
Constellations: Corvus by LyssaGirl
Constellations: Eridanus by Mrs. Judson's Souffle
Constellations: Casseiopeia by Fairy Princess Fiona
Constellations: Lepus by Lucky Irish Boy
Constellations: Andromeda by MO UR4Me
Constellations: Orion by Maude