Full Moon Graveyard Haunt - Let Me Bite Your Neck  LbNA # 59828 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 12 2011
LocationSt Mary's Cemetery. St. Mary's Road, Champaign, IL
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Nov 5 2014
Hike Distance?

This box has been retired.

Full Moon Graveyard Haunt – Let Me Bite Your Neck
St. Mary's Cemetery.....on St. Mary's Road between Neil (Route 45) and Griffith Drive....Champaign IL
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 40.09250, Longitude: -88.24390

NOTE: When I plant these boxes, I have to squeeze the air out of the bags, fold tightly, stuff into box, make sure the seal is not blocked by part of the zip lock bag. The boxes are small camouflaged lock n lock containers with no room for hitch hikers. Please refold as found and place back in box. Please have the same person who found the box also return the box and please make sure they are sealed tight.

TOOLS: Gloves, Ink Pad and Pen, Colors of black, red, green

This is a Full Moon Graveyard Haunt – Let Me Bite Your Neck series of five letterboxes...planted October 2011. This series is located in the St. Mary's Cemetery, Champaign, IL. To enter the cemetery......heading south on Neil Street(Route 45)...turn left on St. Mary's Road, go under railroad pass and turn right into the first (entrance) of two driveways. Please be reverent and respectful of those who are laid to rest there. 

INTRODUCTION: {Fellow letterboxers.... pleased to introduce.... Charlie-boy. He is my Wire Haired Terrier/Basset Hound puppy that the universe brought together on December 5, 2010. He is now one year and three Months. [The dog of my life....Rag III of “Rescuing Rags” letterbox passed away on September 10, 2010.] Charlie or otherwise affectionately called Charlie-boy is the new dog of my life....in training....LOL. His wire haired terrier heritage shows through his rust colored fluffy head, legs, feet and butt with his back and tail black. His coat is of medium length and his skin is very loose and very hugable. His basset hound heritage shows through with his short legs, turned in front feet, and long floppy ears.

It was one of those cloudy drizzly dank afternoons when we started our daily walk. Charlie, my faithful companion, walked by my side, head proudly up occasionally sniffing the air and checking the ground plants for the “news” of the day.... doggie style. We walked south on Neil Street(Route 45) to McDonald's (Located on Neil Street close to Fox Drive ) we stopped and I treated my Charlie-boy to a hamburger ...plain, no bun, no condiments...he was in doggie heaven..... tail wagging...eyes on me...and was so excited he would have done any trick or command he knew to get another bite. We then walked South then East (left if driving south on Neil) onto St. Mary's Road under the railroad pass....his tail and ears lifted in high alert with his hound's nose working over time as we approached the entrance(first driveway – road on right) to St. Mary's Cemetery in Champaign IL.

Box # 1 The Grave Stone
Charlie began pulling on the leash toward the first drive on the right (cemetery entrance) and pulled me right into the cemetery and stopped. I said “What's up, Charlie....and he started rapidly barking and immediately pulling me left to the McCumber grave stone located between two trees. He kept looking back for me to follow him to the tree on the right of McCumber and down in a hole in the tree on the ground hidden between two pieces of wood, I found a little Grave Stone. It said R I P. No name...no date of birth...no date of death. Hmmmm that seemed odd...all the rest of the grave stones had names and dates. “Well Charlie-boy....you found an interesting stone. I wonder if there are any more like this. Curiosity killed the cat....they say...but let's see if there are more like this.” Charlie...wagging his tail...and panting...barked once. I guess he was up for the task.

Box #2 The Coffin
We walked down the drive toward the “CROSS” in the center and stopped just before there is a choice of roads to go right, straight, or left.....I noticed the “Christ Crucifixion” gravestone with the name, Seeber written on the gravestone on the right (west). Something seemed out of place. A feeling. A dark cloud hung over the gravestone. The hair on my arms stood up. Charlie-boy just sat next to me whimpering and whining, ...I started walking straight toward the left side of the Seeber gravestone, but Charlie sat stubbornly still and wouldn't budge. “Come on Charlie”...Let's go....but he just sat there. I said, “Okay, you stay here, I am going to investigate.” I felt around the left lower ledge (or step) of the stone under a small branch of evergreen tree covered by pine needles and found “The Coffin”. Ieeeeee....a little wooden coffin...so old....soooo so old. Wondering who the little coffin belonged to....I went back to get Charlie and picked up the gravestone, but the little R I P gravestone attached itself to the coffin....snap...like a magnet. I jumped back in surprise and said “So Charlie-boy...these two things must belong together. What we know so far is an unknown little RIP gravestone is connected to a very old little wooden coffin that is sealed tight. Let's go look for a little pry tool of some kind to see if we can find out who is in the little coffin.”

Box #3 Count Dracula
Charlie and I walked straight...not right, not left, but straight past the “Cross” in the center and toward the Mausoleum going south and then past the Mausoleum. On the left (East) we saw the gravestone of Mary Miller next to the gravestone of Goodman....to the left of Mary Miller we saw the answer to our dilemma under the Robert S. Miebach gravestone under the right front corner in the form of “a rock.” We took the rock, and to our surprise we found the small body of Count Dracula in a small box next to the rock (NOTE: do not dig...just feel for it) Suddenly the little wooden coffin opened and Count Dracula's little body flew into place inside the little coffin with the little RIP gravestone attached. Well of course, I jumped ten foot high...ieeeee. Charlie-boy wolfed and wolfed at “the thing” in my hands. “Shhhhhh...Charlie...you'll wake up the dead. We must have some kind of creepy weird toy here...eh Charlie-boy?"

Box #4 The Bite
We continued walking south down the road and at the end we turned left then curving around and we started walking north again toward the cemetery exit. At the “Bannin” gravestone, we took a left (west) and stopped at the four column gravestone of Wilber on the right. Charlie's ears perked up....his nose was to the ground. He took off running across the road south from Wilber. He stopped at Michael Monahan and sniffed and listened intently...then Martha J. Dinneen and sniffed and he turned his head this way and that...then Sister Rose...his ears pricked up and I thought I heard him say "Huh?"...then Mother...then Patrick. At Patrick he sniffed, listened, then stopped and looked up at me. Then he said to me as clear as clear can be. ” They told me to find a little wooden stake”....and to stab the little Count Dracula in the heart with the little wood stake before dark arrives, and it is dark right NOW.” IEEEEEE....Charlie is talking to me in English. It scared me so bad I dropped all “the things” next to a cave under Patrick...and found another little box in the cave. Then the coffin door started creeking open and the teeth of dracula jumped from the box into the mouth of the little Count Dracula.......SUDDENLY....OMG....IEEEEEE the coffin started growing and growing...of course I dropped it in my fear. The coffin grew to full size and Charlie yelled “ Run for you Life”. Too late...frightened out of my mind, I backed out of that road and turned to go north again toward the cemetery exit, but a full grown Dracula found my neck with his teeth and bit hard into it. I screamed bloody murder AHHHHH.... IEEEEE....EEEEEEEK....OOOOHHHH....HELLLP... trying to fight him off and ran like I have never ran before with Dracula's teeth still in my neck while my companion Charlie....viciously growling...lips curled and teeth showing..... biting angrily at the legs and feet of the Count.

Box #5 The Escape
As we made it to the cemetery exit, Dracula suddenly released the bite on my neck. Out of breath with bloody red goo pouring out of my neck, I turned to see my hero Charlie biting off Dracula's big toe in one hard bite and shake, then gagging and spitting Dracula's big toe on the ground. (Must have tasted awful for Charlie, the Hound, to spit it out.) Dracula howled like a wolf, then "poof" suddenly disappeared. In a weakened state, blood running down my shirt, and with the wooden stake in my hand I stopped at the cemetery exit...looked around and saw nothing. It was Charlie's nose that saved the day. I followed him as he went just outside the exit on the sidewalk and started sniffing at the north side of the stone pillar on the west of the drive. I stood on the sidewalk facing the cemetery. I went over to the pillar on my right (still facing the cemetery) and saw Charlie digging behind the corner of the fence next to the pillar under some leaves. Charlie started “baying” at me....”aaahhooooo”.."aaahhooooo"..thank goodness he was back to normal as my faithful companion again at last. I reached down, got my wooden stake ready, found the box, but when I opened the box, a vampire bat escaped and flew away.

Seems that when Charlie-boy bit Count Dracula’s big toe off....he turned Count Dracula into a forever Vampire Bat...that escaped away in the night. Today vampire bats drink blood from cows and chickens far away in another land.....And that my friends is how vampire bats came to be.....all because of my hero Charlie-boy who saved my mortal life from living eternally as a Vampire....although I DO seem to SEE better at NIGHT now...ehhhhhhhhhhh? IIIEEEEEEE!!!!!