Cucumber Letterbox  LbNA # 59878

Placed DateOct 16 2011
LocationBotanical Gardens, Asheville, NC
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From the Trillium Letterbox placement at the Botanical Gardens, follow the path from the bottom of the steps through the arch of rhododendron. Pass the wooden bench on the left with the Lassiter quote.

From here, cross the gravel road and walk towards the semi-circle stone wall. From there walk to the old winding sycamore. From the base of this tree look uphill and you'll see a wooden bridge. Cross over this. Turn left on the path and follow trail until you find the half moon wildflower garden stone on the right.

Trail will turn slightly to right where you'll see a big log on the right held up by cement blocks. The cucumber LB is just under log and behind the supporting cement block.

This box was planted by a Mother-Daughter group that was inspired to create a letterbox after searching for the others planted at the Botanical Gardens. We took a snack box filled with cucumbers and ate the snack, then filled the box with stamps and other surprises. Enjoy!