The Great Book Adventure  LbNA # 59884

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateOct 21 2011
LocationStephen F. Austin State Park, San Felipe, TX
Found By nerdbird09
Last Found Mar 30 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 21 2015

We heard about letterboxing when my brother, El Lobo, came from West Texas to visit us for Thanksgiving, 2005. We went out and found Silver Eagle’s box, Big Creek Bug, and we were hooked. When the TALE event at Rusk State Park came around the next March, we couldn’t make it because we already had plans for that weekend, and we weren’t sure we wanted to meet those people. We did go up the week before and placed a couple of boxes, and then went back the next week to find the ones that had been placed for the event. So, by the time the next big event was scheduled for October 21, 2006, The Great Book Adventure, we were ready. It was hosted by dewberry, Mother of Five and Team King at Burroughs Park in Tomball, so off we went. My sister, Cattitude, and our son, Wills World, attended the event with us. By this time we probably had accumulated 150 to 200 finds and were familiar with the more prominent letterboxers through the boxes we found, so at first it was kind of intimidating to be in the presence of these letterboxing legends. At that time, it didn’t take long to become a legend, as letterboxing was still very new, at least in Texas. They quickly made us welcome and before long we were immersed in finding boxes, including many clever HIPS “hidden in plain sight” boxes that were scattered around the pavilion. I remember one was disguised as a flashlight and another was in a padlocked box and you had to figure out the combination to the lock to get to the stamp. Also, although we weren’t completely aware of it at the time, there were many boxes in the park that had been sent from prominent out-of-state boxers just for the event. Dewberry, MO5 and Team King did a wonderful and fantastic job, making this event my favorite of all time. The theme was wonderful, encompassing all the great characters in literature that you could imagine. It set the bar pretty high for letterboxing events, a real Texas Letterboxing Legacy! I’m still waiting for the next great dewberry/MO5 event to come along. How about it, ladies?

Directions: This box can be found at Stephen F. Austin State Park near San Felipe, Texas. Go to park headquarters pay, your entry fee and pick up a trail map.

To the box:
Park at the rest rooms near the Ironwood Trail. Walk north up the road to the Dewberry Trail. Take that trail all the way to the river. Find the Wren Loop and take it, keeping the river on your left. Pass the old ruins of a steel structure of some kind, and uphill to an overlook over the river where you will find two benches. Go to the far end of the bench on your right and sit with your back to the river. Look straight ahead into the woods and about 100 feet away, you'll see a tree leaning to the left about 45 degrees. Go back out to the trail and go left to that tree, about 20 steps off the trail. There is a 4 foot stump leaning against the tree. The letterbox is in the top of the stump, covered with sticks. Please replace the sticks to help hold the box in place.