My First box  LbNA # 59897

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateOct 22 2011
LocationStephen F Austin State Park, San Felipe, TX
Found By nerdbird09
Last Found Mar 30 2013
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My First box

In July 2007, while vacationing in New Hampshire, Ariver took Bird Dog and me on a drive along the Kancamangus Hwy, looking for a lone sign that read "Moose Crossing next 8mi." . The Kancamagus Highway cuts a 34 mile east-west channel through the 800,000-acre White Mountain National Forest from Lincoln NH to Conway NH. This highway is perhaps one of the most beautiful in North America. Bird Dog and I were torn between looking at the vistas and keeping our eyes peeled for the one sign indicating moose for the next 8 miles. At last, there it was. And before long we were pulling a tupperware container out of a hidey hole and stamping our log books with a delightful handmade stamp. I was hooked! With this stamp, I bring the moose to Texas. With thanks to Skier4444 for placing this box, and my lovely daughter-in-law Ariver for introducing Bird Dog and me to this wonderful passtime cum sport cum hobby cum obsession.

Clues to box:
Locate the Cottonwood Trail Head near the Amphitheater. Follow this trail to the intersection with the Copperhead Trail. Take Copperhead and proceed to the 2nd trail marker. From this 2nd marker count 70 steps. You should be between two trees (sorta) and the trail takes a shapr left. Count 102 more steps. You will see a LARGE tree on the left covered with vines, and a windmill thru the trees in the distance. Back up so you can't see the windmill. Do a 180 to see the tree with mushrooms, about 12 steps off the trail. Texas Moose is in the hole at the base of the tree. Please recover well with that large piece of bark.

To stamp in, make the road with the road stamp on the side or the stamp, using yellow and black. Then have the moose cross the road. And please don't hit him with your car.