Southford Falls and Firetower  LbNA # 5991

Placed DateOct 8 2003
CountyNew Haven
LocationOxford, CT
Planted ByRich and Lisa    
Found By Spiral Raccoon
Last Found Sep 22 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 14 2015

Southford Falls and Firetower

Planted: October 8, 2003

Length: Parking lot to Firetower and letter box approximately 3/4 miles - walking time 25 minutes to a half hour (one way).


From I-84: take Exit 16. At both east and west ramps, take a left onto Route 188. Follow to junction with Route 67. At traffic light, take a left onto Route 67. At the next light, take a right back onto Route 188. Southford Falls is a mile on the left.

From Route 8 north or south: take Exit 22 onto Route 67 in Seymour. Follow Route 67 north through Oxford. After about 9 miles, take a left at the traffic light at the Junction of Route 188. Southford Falls is approximately a mile on the right.

In the middle 1800s this was the site of the Diamond Match Factory- it has since become a state park with scenic waterfalls and trails. Many wedding pictures are taken among the park grounds and waterfalls. (including my buddy TJs wedding).

From the parking lot walk across the bridge over the pond and continue to walk straight along the side of the pond (the pond will be on your left). You will walk past an octagon shaped building. As you pass this building start to bear toward the left down toward the pond. The trail entrance leading to the tower is at the edge of the pond and is conspicuously marked by a sign the trail is well established and marked with a red blaze paint on the trees. Also refer to the map on the park web site this could be very helpful. Continue to follow the signs to the tower as you proceed along the trail.

the map web address is:

the park web site is:

Continue along the trail until you reach the fire tower.

To find the letterbox using a compass: At the base of each leg of the tower is a square concrete block base footing. Standing in front of the corner of the northernmost concrete block footing take a compass reading of 40 degrees. (This is the block diagonally across from the base of the steps) Walk approximately 40 single step paces to three trees which are grown together at their base. The tree branching outward at your left has a long rock leaning against its base. Reach around behind that rock and remove the leaves and branches which conceal the letterbox. (you do not need to move any rocks).

To find the letterbox without a compass, additional hints and check points: Your starting point is the outside corner of the concrete block footing diagonally across from the base of the tower steps. Proceed diagonally away from the tower 10 to 12 single step paces at which point you will step over a fallen tree. Continue in the same direction another 8 to 10 single step paces until you are standing on the crest of a long rocky outcropping. Standing on the crest (peak) of the rock you will see very close to you a V shaped forked tree to your left and another V shape forked tree to your right with a 3 legged forked tree just ahead of you (not our destination tree). Our destination three legged tree is 40 to 50 feet straight ahead of you. (it is easily identifiable and forms an upside down tripod ) Proceed to walk from the crest of the rock you are on between the V shaped forked tree on the left and the three legged forked tree just ahead of you at your right approximately 20 single step paces.

A reward and important mission is available to the first who arrive.

We just replaced the old log book which was full. Thanks to those who notified us.

June 9, 2006 - we were recently informed that the current logbook is wet. The logbook has been replaced with a new dry and blank log book ready to go.

November 6, 2006 - We were just notified that our letterbox has been discovered and vandalized - Fortunately the last letterboxers recovered the container and placed it where it should be but the log book and stamp are all gone-

We will try to restock it ASAP-

March 12, 2007 - update - new stamp and log book in place (although not as nice as before) - please keep us posted on the condition-

August 4, 2008 - update. The log book was replaced but the stamp and ink pad had to be removed in a maintenance visit. Previous log book was soaked. The current container will need replacing shortly also. In the mean time just stamp in and enjoy the walk,

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