Autumn Glory  LbNA # 59952

Placed DateOct 28 2011
LocationPrice Park Conservancy, Lafayette Township, WI
Found By Grapenuts
Last Found Oct 18 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 28 2015

What’s a “hodunk?” According the Urban Dictionary, a hodunk is “a town with little to no value- very likely that a stop in the hodunk town will bring weird occurrences along with a banjo song from deliverance.”

Well, the park on this road in the Town of Lafayette has great beauty and value, and no banjos- unless you bring one! The property consists of 66.3 acres donated by Merle and Thomas H. Price for a nature conservation area; a second acquisition of 49 acres from the Feldman family includes the Mathilde Schreiner Woods.

Travel Hodunk Road north of Hwy. 43 to Price Park Conservancy on the west side of the road. From the west side of the parking lot, follow the yellow designated hiking path into the woods.

At the first split, follow the path to the right, up and down the rolling hills, until you come to a bench with a blue designated trail off to the right. Take this blue trail into a clearing. Follow the tree line to the left, to the top of a hill where you’ll find another bench. From this bench, head west along a mowed path through the tall, grassy field towards the woods.

At the next tree line, you’ll cross a blue designated trail into another large clearing with short, mowed grass. Head northwest across this clearing to another bench, and a red designated hiking trail.

Take this red trail into the woods, through the majestic Oaks and colorful Maples until you eventually come to a bridge over a creek. Just over the bridge on your right is one of the largest and oldest Oaks in the area. Give it a hug!

Continue into the next clearing with a pond and picnic tables. Follow the tree line to the right to a small, unmarked path on the right which leads to a creek. You will not go all the way to the creek. Take only 15 paces down this path. Look to the west for two triplet Oaks and one twin Oak, approximately 15 paces into the woods. Cradled in the triplet furthest west, and secured with a branch, you will find what you seek.

Please re-secure with the branch before you leave!

To return to the parking lot, find the red trail marker near the northeast side of the pond. There is another unmarked trail at the east end, but it is not recommended as it is very swampy.

Follow this trail, now with yellow trail markers, until a yellow designated trail heads to the right, leading you to the parking lot.

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