Saint Sasquatch  LbNA # 59968

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateOct 23 2011
LocationOgunquit, ME
Found By Blueberry Beach
Last Found May 17 2013
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 14 2016

Last checked/found: 23-OCT-11

Location: notliH-nniW s’gniK tnarG Conservation Area. From the center of Ogunquit go west for 3.5 miles on Berwick/North Berwick/Ogunquit roads. The parking lot is just after you cross the Ogunquit River on the right.

Terrain: Fairly level dirt trail through woods and boardwalks.

Time/Distance: 30-45 minutes.

This area is famous for the many zombies that roam the area and this particular trail is one where many of them like to have fun. However did you know that there is also a shrine in the midst of all this mayhem? Do you dare to visit it? Perhaps the saint will join the ranks of the “undead” if you bring him to light….

If you are brave (or foolhardy) enough to track the elusive Saint Sasquatch, begin at the trailhead in the parking lot. The ground is often soft in many areas of the trail, so you will appreciate the numerous boardwalks. Be sure to look closely at the mud on the sides, perhaps you will see a “bigfoot” imprint…

Make your way over the glacial rock face and follow the arrows that point the way to the shrine until you reach a fork with no guiding arrow. Take the sinister path and then once again choose the non-righteous path. Soon after you begin traveling down this spooky carriage path, you’ll come to a side trail that goes right into a field. Say your prayers as you head down this trail toward the large “trinity oak”. The saint is ensconced in the center of this wooden chapel.

If you survive the encounter, please be sure to return the saintly Sasquatch to a well-sealed and concealed prayer chamber so he does not haunt your dreams. You may then retrace your steps to return to your vehicle. Hopefully he has provided some blessings to protect you from all those crazy zombies!

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