Tundra Traveler  LbNA # 60

Placed DateNov 24 2002
LocationSkamania, WA
Found By (hidden)
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Tundra Traveler

On November 24, 2002 Funhog placed the Tundra Traveler letterbox at Franz Lake near the town of Skamania, Skamania County, Washington. During the summer months this "lake" may not even hold a drop of water but during the rest of the year it's got plenty. As a result,this is the perfect winter home for those glorious, energetic visitors from the far north, Tundra Swans. The area is part of the National Wildlife Refuge system and is closed to public entry. However, there is a viewing platform and interpretive signs along the highway. Bring binoculars (and a spotting scope) if you have them.

To the trailhead: From Vancouver, WA, head east on Highway 14. The Franz Lake Viewpoint is on the right between mileage markers 31 and 32.

To the letterbox: From the head of the platform the treasure lies at 255 degrees magnetic. Walk with the morning sun at your back until you begin to feel galvanized. You are standing right beside the box. It's guardian holds it gently in a cupped hand, secured by a steely grip. Roll away the stone.

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