Apple in the dell  LbNA # 60012

Placed DateNov 5 2011
LocationShepperd's Dell, Corbett, OR
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From West of Multnomah Falls, Along Historic HWY 30, between Latourell and Wahkeena, there you will find the Shepperd's Dell, there is a stairway along the inside of the road that leads to a paved trail along the falls, follow this path to the end, from the point where it appears sand is in the water, turn to face the outcropping of earth, you will see where it appears as though these rocks and roots have been scaled, about three reaches of roots and maybe four stepping stones, to your right there is a hole in the moss and forrest floor, behind a slick grey pumice stone, there will be the apple in the dell.

Caution, this is a fairly easy trail and the walk is less than ten minutes in ten minutes out, however it is next to water falls so it can be slick. To reach the actually letterbox it will require some climbing of slick stones and roots, and a little bit of a hold on and reach... just a heads up, this is for the more agile and simian of the older kids and adults. Be safe and enjoy!