Terrapin Station North  LbNA # 60027

Placed DateOct 16 2011
LocationLandingsbay Urtletay Reservepay, Iddefordbay, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Terrapin Station North

Inspired by Pete and Deb, "Terrapin Station", "Lady from Carlisle", and the music in the trees...

Let my inspiration flow in token lines suggesting rhyme
That will not forsake you till my story is done.

Red diamonds loop like firelight glow, walk widdershins and you will know. A new door opens and things appear that are other than they were before.

Half way out, before the jogs sits huge father turtle, old as stone. Ask and he will give what you seek.
A gift to have before too long.

A ribbon of stones flows, like an old rail bed. The rails are gone but the train still rides
as long as there is one who will walk the song.

Past broken stones from quarries old the traveler passes - to the lions den looming tall and dark.
Small bobbed cats here belong.

Which of you to gain, tell me, will risk uncertain pains of a broken ankle or head
(or bother a napping wild cat overlong?)

I will not blame you if you do not take the chance. Pass the den and look across
- a cube of three sits like a book to be read.

A maiden once here passed by. Soon the stars danced before her eyes, sparkling like blue diamonds.
A sky blue thread..,

She leapt a mighty torrent, she climbed a ramp of rock. A dance floor of stone
Felt her light tread.

From the base of this ramp, another watched her pass, from a boulder of a home,
Neither dryad or druid.

Traveler, the dance must end - return to the continuing green line of the woods.
Blink your eyes and shake your head.

The stars are left behind, the forest’s green light turns to the orange of the setting sun.
This road is straight and long.

This is a one-way trip, and no return, unless the traveler can retrace his steps.
Some say it can be done.

At a crossroad, sit on a granite wedge and ponder the task before:
Find the last one.

Two cliff-lined pools surrounded by stones - thousands all the same. Which one to choose?
All or none?

To find, let’s say,
Where the final terrapin is stationed.
Where the obvious is hidden.
Where the obvious is hidden.