Temporary Transplants  LbNA # 60028

Placed DateNov 5 2011
LocationWhelan Cemetery, Pullman, WA
Found By Frosty Pines
Last Found Aug 8 2015
Hike Distance?

Make your way to the intersection of Whelan and Mcgreevey Roads in Pullman, WA.

Proceed east on Whelan Road for approximately one-tenth of a mile. The cemetery entrance is on the right. Enter the cemetery through the gates with the sign stating Whelan Cemetery Est. 1888. Please respect the sanctity of the cemetery as you visit.

Wander the cemetery looking at the tombstones. Cemeteries so often tell a story. Unfortunately, this one has been forgotten and many gravesites are hidden under shrubs and weeds. Find your way to the highest point of the cemetery where the tallest twin trees form a frame for Moscow Mountain in the distance. Step close to the tree frame before continuing. From this point, turn right and take 16 steps. At this point, turn left. Temporary Transplants can be found in the crotch of the hedgerow shrubbery on your right.

Stamp in and then reseal the baggies and boxes carefully so the letterbox contents stay dry. Rehide the box in the original location, completely hidden from casual view.