E brownies J  LbNA # 60067

OwnerE brownies J    
Placed DateNov 9 2011
Location10834 Sw crightonwood, portland, OR
Found By E brownies J
Last Found Nov 10 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 12 2015

You should find it near a tree,
It should be close to when you come,
but when you go too far you can see,
it very far along.

It could be near branches,
but who can tell now.

But if you go to the crossing the swamp,
then you are out of order,
like a vending machine.

But now you heard my clues,
its time for me to go,
you beter find it,
bye- bye now.

thats all fokes,
i bet know you can find it,
good luck on your letter box.