The Tourne  LbNA # 601

Placed DateMay 9 2001
LocationBoonton, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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The Tourne
Tourne County Park
Placed 05/09/01 by Wingfoot
Refreshed 05/07/08
Boonton, Morris County, New Jersey

NOTE: Please be aware of the following if you decide to search for this letterbox:

Since the box was placed a 9/11 Memorial has been set up. Please be respectful of those who are are at the Memorial.

If the area is crowded please just skip the box and go back at a later time or date.

There is bushwacking involved. Be prepared for off trail hiking.

I considered moving this box, but since it's lasted 7 years in the same spot I thought it best to leave it where it was originally planted.

Clues: Easy
Terrain: One Up Hill Climb
Time: Less then 1 hour

Traveling NORTH on 287, take Exit 43 for Intervale Road (Mountain Lakes). At the end of the ramp turn LEFT and cross over I-287 to the traffic light. Turn RIGHT at the light onto Fanny Road. Proceed straight to the second stop sign. Turn RIGHT onto West Main Street. Bear LEFT at the "Y" onto Powerville Road. Continue until the first road on the left, McCaffrey Lane. Turn LEFT. A sign for Tourne Park marks the entrance.

Early Dutch settlers named this land "Torren", which means tower.

The highlight of a trip to Tourne Park continues to be the view from the top.

The Tourne is the only remaining undeveloped fragment of the Great Boonton Tract, purchased by David Ogden, Colonial Attorney-General of New Jersey in 1759. McCaffrey Lane, which serves as the main entrance to the park, was created in 1767 by Samuel Ogden to haul iron ore from Hibernia's mines to his iron works in Old Boonton. Within this historic region, the Continental Army manufactured cannon balls for use during the American Revolution.

Please be discreet, as this is a heavily traveled area.

Start at the baseball field parking lot. Look for signs directing you to the scenic overlook. Take and stay on trail to the top. There are several viewing areas at the top of The Tourne including a 9/11 Memorial. Please be respectful. From the bench at the Memorial at 90 degrees go 10 steps to a rock in the ground. Standing on the rock go 22 paces at 100 degrees to the left side of a glacial erratic. From there go 15 paces at 60 degrees to a group of fallen trees. In the largest stump is what you seek. You may want to use a stick, just in case.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

The Tourne, Rattlesnake, Evergreen, Baby Box, and Birchwood Lake letterboxes hikes can be combined. Wilcox and Tourne Parks border each other.