Be Sly as a Fox  LbNA # 60118 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDame Lac    
Placed DateNov 5 2011
LocationUnited States, Saint Louis Park, MN
Found By Tracker JACS
Last Found Dec 31 2011
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Be Sly as a Fox

Be sly as a fox when you get this letterbox... It's in a somewhat exposed area.

Stand at the social trail leading to the fishing dock with your back to the lake. Look to the right, at about two o'clock (if noon were straight ahead). Nearby, there is a two-trunked tree between the paved path and the lake. Go around to the lake side of the tree and peek down between the two trunks. What you seek is hanging there. (Be careful not to drop it down into the hole, and please make sure it is hanging securely on its nail when you're done.)

Wait! I forgot to tell you which fishing dock. Oh, drat, I've forgotten it's name. Let's see, maybe you can figure it out. There are only three (official) fishing docks in Saint Louis Park. It's one of those.

Not the one whose name happens, by sheer coincidence, to be part of the name of a peerage in the United Kingdom that was created in 1944 for a trade unionist whose friends might have called him Baron Billy from then on.

Nor is it the park named after a St. Louis Park mayor who shared his last name with a Lieutenant-General's Major-General son remembered for his victory in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, his last.

No, it isn't in either of those. It's in the third—the one named after a job that no one does anymore in these parts.

I wouldn't recommend going at night, though. Unless you want to risk running into the ghost that haunts the area. An eerie light is sometimes seen reflecting off of the pond you seek. It is said that the light comes from the lamp of the caretaker of the fox farm that used to be nearby as he checks his foxes at night. Uneasy about what he did in life, he was destined to walk the area with his lamp for all eternity.