Wee Troll  LbNA # 60120 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDame Lac    
Placed DateNov 11 2011
LocationSaint Louis Park, MN
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Jan 9 2012
Hike Distance?

Wee Troll

Dear Mom & Dad,

Your care package arrived today. Thank you! The goat jerky was especially welcome. Goat is hard to come by here in Saint Louis Park.

How are you both? And Sister Troll? Well, I hope. Anything new and exciting?

I'm settling in well here. I've enclosed a picture of my new house. It is very comfortable and even gets quite a bit of foot traffic—mostly dog owners and their dogs heading to or from the off-leash park nearby, but a good number of kids from the playground too. I expect there will be a lot more kids in the winter when the sledding hill is covered in snow.

Speaking of snow, my bedroom is in the 5th room from the west end of the bridge. It's high enough that it should stay out of the snow. It's on the north side, though, so I'm a little worried it might get too cold soon. Could you bring my afghan when you come to visit in December? The one Grandma Troll made me for my birthday? I left it in my room. Thanks!

Anyway, there's not much else to report. Give my love to Sister and take care of yourselves.

Your Wee Troll

P.S. Mom, can I have your goat stew recipe? I want to try it with dog. I think Poodle or Dakota Sport Retriever might make a good substitute for goat.