mystery of the indian princess  LbNA # 60147 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 20 2011
Locationmason neck wildlife refuge, lorton, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Jan 18 2013
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedOct 17 2015

The mystery of the Indian princess
Columbus sailed the ocean blue,
in 14 hundred and ninety-two;
If he had sailed in ninety-three,
he would have sailed, the deep blue sea.
John Smith explored the Potomac green,
From Jamestown to Great Falls and in between.
The natives did not like him much,
Wanted to bash his head and such.
Young Pocahontas cried ‘No way!’
So the Chief let John go on his way.

In 1730, when the new world was being explored and colonized, Captain John Smith sailed north from Jamestown, the first British colony in the New World. Captain Smith traveled north to the land that would later become our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. As Captain Smith explored the Potomac River , a river that flows into the Chesapeake bay, he encountered a native girl named Pocahontas. A popular Disney movie tells the story of Pocahontas and how she saved Captain Smith from execution. But what happened to the Indian Princess after she saved Captain Smith?
1F Y0U W0ULD L1K3 T0 H3AR M0R3 4B0uT P0C4H0NT4S, Y0U C4N F1ND th3 “Myst3RY 0F th3 1ND14N PR1NC3SS” letterbox 4L0NG TH3 V1RG1N14 SH0R3 0F TH3 P0T0M4C R1V3R, in M4S0N D1STR1CT N4T10N4L W1LDL1F3 R3FUG3. TH1S 4R34 W4S 3ST4BL1SH3D 1N 1969 F0R TH3 Pr0T3CT10N of N3ST1NG, F33D1NG, 4ND R00ST1NG F0R TH3 3ND4NG3R3D B4LD 34GL3. E4GL3S n0W US3 TH3 M4TUR3 F0R3STS F0R SH3LT3R and N3ST1NG and HUNT1NG 1N TH3 M4RSH3S 4ND B4YS. The R3FUG3 1S TH3 L4RG3ST BLU3 H3R0N 3R00K3RY 1N TH3 M1D-4TL4NT1C R3G10N. 1T 1S 18 M1L3S S0UTH 0F W4SH1NGT0N, D.C.
To find M4S0N N3CK NWR Tr4V3L S0UTH 0N 1NT3RST4T3 95, to exit 163 (L0RT0N) turn left on Lorton, right on 4RM1ST34D RD, th3N R1GHT 0N RT 0N3. Turn left on Gunst0n RD and G0 4B0UT F0UR m1L3S. The R3FUG3 SH4R3S 4 C0MM0N 3NTR4NC3 W1TH M4S0N N3CK ST4T3 P4RK (High Pt Rd). Bear right on High point Rd, drive to the Woodmarsh Trail parking lot. Park and walk south/west on the trail. After a quarter mile walk on the paved bike path, you will pass a 2.0 mile marker, 80 yards beyond is a biking ‘Downhill’ sign stop there, turn around and retrace your steps 43 paces, On the left, there is a medium sized tree at the base in the twisted trunk, you will find the Mystery of the Indian Princess letterbox.