In Our Backyard  LbNA # 60199

Placed DateNov 26 2011
LocationPennyland Park, Wamego, KS
Found By Forever Evergreen
Last Found Mar 24 2012
Hike Distance?

Pennyland Park is a pocket park in Wamego, Kansas. It has picnic areas, walking trail and a disc golf course. The park was donated to the city by the Waybrew family in memory of their daughter Penny.

Get to the park by exiting off Highway 24 onto Walnut Street, going South. The park parking lot is on the east side of the street across from the cemetery. Get on the walking trail and go notrh. When you get to the fourth house, you will see some cedar trees clumped together. Go to the back of these trees and you will find a birdbath. Look down around the birdbath to find the box.

Happy Hunting!

Let us know if the box needs to be maintained in any way. Thanks!