Craig's Castle  LbNA # 602 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 24 2001
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeriden, CT
Found By Flutterby Flew By
Last Found Oct 17 2010
Hike Distance?

An add-on to The Black Dog of the Hanging Hills

This is a solitary letterbox that latched onto the two boxes planted by Aili & Bruce on the Metacomet Trail within the hanging hills of Meriden, CT. To get the clues to the Black Dog of the Hanging Hills go to; This is a great hike with some steep sections and some very slippery rocks when wet. You can cheat on this one if you like (I won't tell you how) but you will only cheat yourself out of fabulous views and a couple of great stamps. Don't forget the legend too. Once you stamp in at the first black dog box, continue up to the castle. This is a super spot for a picnic. If your lucky and the day is clear, you can see all the way to Long Island Sound just past the feet of the sleeping giant. Once rested follow the blue Metacomet trail just as directed in the black dog clues. Directly from the parking lot, go straight into the woods. The trail will turn right just before a summit and overlook. Before turning right, stand at the highest point straight in front of you. You will see a water tower in the distance at a bearing of 230 degrees. At 115 degrees you will notice a small 3 foot ledge with some small oak trees growing at its base. Also at the base of this ledge is a tree stump. Located at the base of this stump well hidden is the Craig's Castle letterbox. Secretly stamp in (there may be considerable traffic) and replace where found. Continue on to the second Black Dog letterbox. Elmer Sarah Allison Kyle

This box has been replaced on 9-6-03 in its original location with it's original logbook. This box was previously vandilized.

This box has been vandalized once again and will NOT be replaced. 5/3/05