Ye Olde School  LbNA # 60250

OwnerTheFabulous Emily    
Placed DateDec 4 2011
LocationHagan Stone Park, Pleasant Garden, NC
Found By rachmnjays
Last Found Jun 24 2013
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Ye Olde School

Hagan Stone Park is a beautiful park in South Guilford County.
Throughout the park there are old building that have been left as representations of what once was there.
Near Shelter 4 there is a trail that if followed NW will lead to a replica of one of the oldest schools in this area. It can be unlocked upon request and is used during many Cub Scout and Girl Scout events. Take some time to look around, there is actually a GEOcache and another letterbox in this area.

Clues for Ye Old School House:
On the North side of the Schoolhouse
No steps are needed to find the loot.
Carefully reach beneath something old
and you will find our
Celtic Stamp waiting for you to log your visit with.

Room for small trade-ables.