Frienship Oak  LbNA # 60258

Placed DateDec 4 2011
LocationLieper's Fork, Natchez Trace, Liepers Fork, TN
Found Bydixie hearted
Last UpdateMay 10 2012

I was recently tempted to leave a stow away, but did not have permission, nor did I yet know the rules on that. So this one is very close to another one by a planter that I bow down and wave my arms up and down to.

These are their directions and I cant explain it better myself.
"Access this historic highway [Nathcez Trace Parkway] from Tenn Highway 100, west of Nashville. When you access this historic highway here, you are at mile marker 444. Go about 13 miles to Old Trace, at mile post 426.3. The U.S. Army cleared this section of the "Natchez Road" in 1801-02 and continued clearing southward with the consent of the Chickasaw Nation.

Find the trail head. Here you have the choice to go left or right. Take the path to the right. Go down the hill, across the dry creek, back up the hill. The path back up the hill, there a fence handrail, but it's pretty rough, muddy, and beaten up by horses. About 50 steps past the end of the handrail up the hill, on the left side of the trail, you will see an odd tree that looks like a giant putter."

Then turn around and face back down hill. Not very far at all. a little hop skip & a jump if you're tall, is a tree on your right with a white triangle marker on it. Now, look to right&ahead. or 130' to 140' if you have a compass and are standing excactly next to the tree. (i did had a compass) remeber, you facing down hill.

Its in the funny shaped hole at the base of a tree. It looks like the mouth of a barnacle, or a tree growing inside of another tree.... Anyway, Get to that tree and get down and start looking. There are 3 possibilities. the center being the obvious choice. It's not the center.
Please put it back & cover it & also I had to give up my plastic baggies ealier in the day, i did not realize I would be planting one. So a small one would be nice if your so inclined. but there is barely anyroom left in the box, so at least MAKE SURE IT SNAPS SHUT!!! :)

If its gone, let me know and be safe.

P.S., I live in Franklin, but I thought it was easier to find it from Leiper's Fork. Or you can access the Natchez Trace prkwy from new hwy96 west in franklin under the HUGE Natchez Trace Bridge.