Mystery Mountain overlooking Squam Lake  LbNA # 6026 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 11 2003
LocationHolderness, NH
Found By Beswick
Last Found Sep 11 2005
Hike Distance?

Mystery Mountain

Difficulty: Easy, great picnic hike for the entire family with spectacular views of the lakes region.

Hike: less than 2 miles & 1 hour round trip (only 500' of evalation gain)

Hint: Trail head is on the right side of the road exactly 5.5 miles down route 113 starting in Holderness.

Clues: Go to the Westernly peak of a mountain that is named after a "baby's first toy" & a "reptile". Take the "old bridle path" to the summit of the mountain to see the wonderful views of Squam lake and the lakes region from the ledges.

Once at the summit:

Locate the USGS peak marker with the numbers 1231. Look East and find a large sign which says "Armstrong Natural Area".

Once at the sign look east for a very large boulder at 30 paces.

The box is hidden at the base of the boulder on the side with a tree.

Be careful not to attract attention when accessing the box because this is a popular trail, enjoy the views!

Be sure to rehide the box well and cover completely with rocks and leaves...thanks

(Update: Box gone missing as of 9/17/06 after over a hundred visitors, will replace as soon as I can rebuild the box, will update at that time)