Take a Trip to Cardinal Stritch  LbNA # 60266 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerExplorer <3    
Placed DateDec 8 2011
LocationCardinal Stritch University, Glendale, WI
Found By speech teacher
Last Found Dec 11 2011
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Franciscan values are important at Stritch, but the values we learn, forever they stick.

When you drive to our school, you choose where you park; then your search will begin for the anxious heart.

Saint Francis of Assisi, Clare Hall, Rodger Bacon and more, are buildings and halls named after saints galore.

Begin outside Clare Hall, observe all around; busy students coming and going, always destination bound.

Saint Clare was a woman who was given the most, raised with riches and wealth, but never would she boast.

She gave up the wealth and chose to live poor, for following Saint Francis’ ideals meant much more.

Money buys you items, but in the end you must choose, what your priorities are, because they’re determined by you.

As you walk towards the volleyball courts, take a deep breath and relax, your destination is not far on this learning journey of facts.

Look to the left, the nursing wing you will see; people educating themselves to save lives and achieve all they can be.

Continue this journey until a statue that stands, a man named Saint Francis had values so grand.

He lived once so wild being young and restless, had a calling from God, gave up the party life and transitioned to adultness.

Look around by this saint and see what you can find, for he holds the heart for the explorer’s mind.

Look up or look down, take a rest if you may; for you might find this bag around where you lay.

Take a quote from this bag to carry with you and read, but please put the bag back for others to see.