The Old Dutch Mill  LbNA # 60274

Placed DateDec 10 2011
LocationCity Park, Wamego, KS
Found By Forever Evergreen
Last Found Mar 24 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 1 2015

The Old Dutch Mill

John Schonoff came from Holland in 1879.
He wanted to teach Kansas farmers to grind flour quite fine.
He built a fine mill,
out North on a hill,
of limestone built by John Cahdwick.

On June 6, 1924,
The Schonoffs were milling no more,
The stones were numbered,
On wagons they lumbered,
to the hill made for it in City Park.

In 1988, John Landes was great,
And started the mill grinding wheat again.

Whe you get to the mill,
Look North east,
And on a small town,
Your eyes will feast.

Follow the train tracks,
To the chapel out back,
And to your left you will see two cedars.

Look under the South tree,
And there you will see,
A small pile of rocks,
That hide the box,
That holds the stamp you are wanting!

Remember to put the rocks,
Back on the box,
And let us know if we need to maintain it.

To find out more about our Dutch Mill, come visit April to October- open daily M-S from 10 - 4 and November to March- open daily, M-S from 1 to 4. will give you directions to the mill.