The Adventures of Tintin  LbNA # 60351

Placed DateDec 26 2011
LocationTumbleweed Park, Chandler, AZ
Found By Troop 3100
Last Found May 10 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 19 2016

Boxes are still hidden in the same places, but directions updated due to a landmark tree that had been cut down (1/19/16).

This Letterboxing series is inspired by the movie "The Adventures of Tintin"! This is a great movie...if you have not seen it go see it before you find the Letterboxes, it will make your hunt a more exciting adventure!!

First, find the Tennis Center at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler (2250 S McQueen Rd). To get here exit the 202 at McQueen Rd and head south. Just past Germann Rd you will see an entrance for Tumbleweed park on the righthand side. Enter here then make a quick left to park in the tennis court parking lot. Look for the giant silver sculpture as you enter the parking lot...this will be your starting point.

Once you have parked walk to the big silver sculpture. From the silver sculpture walk south to towards the tennis court. Stop and face the road (McQueen Rd). Notice the drainage area adjacent to McQueen Rd, which is filled with smooth round rocks. Where the rocks in the drainage area form a peak (where a Palo Verde tree used to stand)...this is where you will find Tintin and Snowy, two adventure seekers to help you along the way! -please rehide well-

Continue walking south along the tennis courts. When you reach the end of the tennis court there will be a large wall that says "Tennis Center" on it. Turn right and continue to walk along the wall, following it until it ends. Then put your back to the wall. Look slightly to your left and you will see a tree with three trunks (two trunks are vertical while the third one crawls along the ground). The treasure you seek lies where the trunks of the tree meet!

Congratulations on your finds so far! You have an adventure seeker (Tintin), a sidekick (Snowy), and the captain of a all you need is the ship. Notice the chainlink fence that starts where the large cinder block wall ends. That chain link fence continues west, then takes a 90 degree turn and continues north. The goal it is get to the corner of the chainlink fence where it makes the 90 degree turn north! Due to foliage changes, it is up to you to make your path around to the corner of the chainlink fence (I suggest to walk down and around the tree and shrubs; notice the opening in the trees leads you down and once down you will see a little path that leads you back up the other side of shrubs and tree - caution some trees have small thorns!) When you reach the corner of the fence you will see a large open area (dirt/rock drainage area). Stand at the corner of the fence and look west-ish across the open dirt/gravel area where you will see three Mesquite trees. Walk to the Mesquite tree on the right and tucked in at the base of the tree lies the ship you seek! Please reside well!

To get back to your car continue north around the tennis courts and you will reach the parking lot!

Please email me if any boxes are damaged so I can repair then quickly!