Cute Mom  LbNA # 60359

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Placed DateDec 31 2011
LocationStump Pass Beach State Park, Englewood, FL
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Cute Mom

Route 776 heading north in Englewood, Florida. Look for McDonalds on the left side of the road. Just past McDonald's you will turn left on Beach Road. Stay on Beach Road onto Manasota Key. When the road splits in front of Englewood Beach, keep to your left. This will become Gulf Blvd. Stay on Gulf Blvd till the road ends, you will be right in front of the Stump Pass park entrance. Park where you can ($3 fee) and walk all the way through the lot to the turn around at the far end of the parking lot.
You will see a Coke machine beside the building at the end of the lot. Walk past this (Cokes will be on the left) and follow the finished walkway. Continue on the walkway until it bears right. Right before it bears right there will be a set of steps going down. Take these steps (to your left) and take the path that is unfinished. Walk about 100 yards or so, and there will be a clearing of the brush on your right hand side. (area of no high tangles of vines, branches, bushes) Right after this clearing, when the overgrowth returns, look to the right (in the brush). There is a dark fallen log on the ground about 5 feet in from the path. The Cute Mom box is under/within this log. Please rehide well and be discreet!