Pisces: The Two Fishes  LbNA # 60369

Placed DateJan 1 2012
Location??, MO
Found By Irish Boy
Last Found Jun 17 2012
Hike Distance?

This box was created for my grandson Alex, a Pisces, for a night box hunt last summer. It has been relocated to a new home. The clues are encrypted in a variation of the Caesar cipher which we came up with a few years ago. I'm sure this variation is not original with us, but we called it Alex's Ace Cipher. To begin, write the alphabet as shown below.

A C E G I K M O Q S U W Y B D F H J L N P R T V X Z. This is the plain text.

The hint to solving it will be found worded like this. If the hint says, your key will be found at the beginning of the BOOK, you would put B under the A of the plain text and write the rest of the alphabet in its normal order as for any other Caesar. It it says "in the middle of the FIELD" you would put E under the A.

In this case, you should begin at the end of the ROAD. The encryption is short and the hike is fairly easy, so I had to make you work a little bit. Don't worry if one of the letters in the cipher text ends up under itself. It usually happens that way.
Remember that the letter on the top line is the translation.


Park at the lot by the river and take the trail northward along the river. Ignore other trails that go off to the right. The trail will curve away from the river. Continue until the trail crosses a small stream. Note the small pool and possibly a little waterfall on the right. Turn around and retrace path about 13 paces. Look across the creek 330 degrees to a rock ledge. Under a slight overhang protected by smaller rocks, you will find the fishes. It's easiest to first remove the flat rock near the center of the cluster. Please replace any rocks carefully and check to make sure that the box can't be seen from any angle.

Thank you for your consideration. I welcome your comments. Please let me know if the box is missing or in need of maintenance.