Constellations: Capricorn  LbNA # 60370

Placed DateSep 16 2011
Location??, MO
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found Sep 18 2011
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was part of the 2011: Stamp Odyssey event in Augusta, MO. It has the same stamp and logbook, but has been relocated to a new home with new clues.
The constellation Capricorn or Capricornus represents a sea goat. I carved it with our son, Simon, a Capricorn, in mind. It's new home in Mid-MO has water and plenty of rocks to suit such a creature. Find the location of my "American Sycamore" box. On the trail that passes by its hiding place continue about 14 paces to a fork in the trail. Go straight about 4 paces more to a large flat rock that lies at an angle of 300 degrees. From there look 330 degrees for a smaller mossy rock that is home to the goat. Please remove and replace all cover rocks carefully.

Thank you for your consideration. I welcome your comments. Please let me know if the box is missing or in need of maintenance