Constellations: Leo  LbNA # 60371 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 16 2011
LocationMoberly, MO
Found By Vampirenurse
Last Found Mar 29 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 6 2016

.I am sorry to report that it has gone missing.

This box was part of the 2011: Stamp Odyssey in Augusta, MO. The stamp and logbook are the same.
I chose to carve this stamp because Ishi, my husband and favorite letterboxing companion, is a Leo.

Now that the box has come home, I decided to plant it in a park with a name that sounds like the natural habitat for a lion.
You will know you have found the right park when you see three lions near the edge of the street.

Cross the bridge near the largest lion and walk past the picnic area to enter the woods. Do not go uphill on the small path but stay on flat land and follow the trail to to the right. It gets wider as you go. Pass several above-ground storm drain covers on your left, and keep a lookout on the right and upward for a large oak 120 degrees from one of the drains. The tree has a jumble of large limbs at its base. (If you reach a large concrete slab on the left by a drainage ditch, you have gone too far.) After you spot the large tree, go back a few paces on the path and take the trail that goes uphill. At the top of the hill go left to get back to the tree. The object of your search lies under a long slender fallen limb due north down the hill a little way. The easiest way to reach it is to go about 6 paces farther east along the path and then about 6 paces down a faint trail to a flat spot. Go back left to the fallen limb. The lion is denning under the "Y" protected by several smaller limbs and leaves. Please note how the cover is arranged and try to put it back as close to the same as possible, so that it doesn't stand out from the rest of the natural landscape.
Thank you for your consideration. I welcome your comments. Please let me know it the box is missing or in need of maintenance.