A Cheese by Any Other Name is Just as Stinky  LbNA # 60384 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2012
LocationFort Christmas Park, Christmas, FL
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There are several letterboxes at this park, so look up all of your clues and have a great day of fun, history, picnicking, and general frivolity at this out of the way but very interesting historical park.


(This box was originally called "Who Cut the Cheese?" but someone else had already placed a box with that name, so we changed it to "A Cheese by Any Other Name is Just as Stinky," but the box at the park still says "Who Cut the Cheese?")

After searching for several boxes at this park, we knew where to hide our less than rosy smelling stamp--you will understand when you get to the park and discover two types of "facilities," one quite modern and one quite antique.

The antique "facility" was a fundamental element in pioneer life, often located near to where fundamentalists of another sort could praise God for their blessings. Marked by the crescent moon, this one-room shack has been "eliminated" from most family homesteads.

At the "back end" of the facility, face the fence and walk 26 paces to the "hairy" bush.

Your friends will be "green" with envy when you discover the box that contains your stinky treasure.

Make sure you maintain your privacy so non-letterboxers don't walk in while you're exposed! And cover up what you "leave behind" better than you found it for the next visitor.