Pumpkin Harvest  LbNA # 60385 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2012
LocationManatee Sanctuary Park, Cape Canaveral, FL
Found By Conquistador
Last Found Jul 22 2012
Hike Distance?

This tasty harvest treat comes round this time of year...but this one will not put weight on your hips, especially if you spend some time on the fitness trail at this pretty little park.

Go to the main pavilion, but don't stop for a picnic pie just yet. Face the boardwalk and take the gravel path to the left.

Pass the playstation on your left that features the park's namesake water creature. Take a rest on the bench to your left if you must, but better to push through the burn and keep on trekking past the last pavilion on the right.

Small palm groves appear on the right, and you should stop between the two sets of 3-palms that flank the bridge.

Turn to the right 90 degrees to face the 10-palm grove on your right and the pond on your left. Take 24 steps forward.

To your left will be a set of four palms growing together, making a nice letterbox-safe nest in their middle. Discarded Palm bark hides a pretty red tin that contains your harvest time treasure. Sneak an extra slice but don't get caught as this park has many visitors and lots of nearby traffic!

Please carefully wrap and re-place under lots of bark to be sure the red container is well hidden!